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How Does the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Work?

This tax credit provides builders money to create affordable housing. BY JEAN MURRAY  Updated June 12, 2019 The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit is a tax credit for real estate developers and investors who make their properties available as affordable housing for low-income Americans. It’s paid for by the federal government and administered by the states, according to […]
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Mexican Tariffs Would Hurt Housing Affordability/Renovation/Remodel

For home builds and remodeling projects, these tariffs are even forcing contractors to add in escalation clauses for projects that are being scheduled for next year, because they don’t know how high prices are going to rise. Home values have risen in recent years, which has given homeowners the cash to improve their investment by […]
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How to Resolve a Dispute With a Home Contractor

Advice on what to do when the work you paid for didn’t get completed. By LISA GERSTNER, I paid a local contractor for work he never finished. How can I get my money back? Start by gathering records of the payments you made, and document all your efforts to get in touch with the contractor, including […]
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How to Renovate Your House on a Budget These Days

House renovation can be costly as you move to make your house a luxury place with comfort and style. Staying on a limited budget during the remodeling process thus requires more than general concepts on how to renovate a house. You have to take into consideration a number of factors to avoid spending too much […]
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Newly Renovated “Brady Bunch” Home

Tricia Despres  May 31, 2019 After seven months of hard work and restoration, it’s finally time to unveil the inside of the Brady Bunchhouse that will soon serve as the site for the HGTV show A Very Brady Renovation. Shared on Good Morning America on May 24, the house now looks eerily similar to the inside of the home that […]
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